Who We Are

Zuba company was founded in 2004 as a structural Design company.

In a couple of years, the company has grown focusing on construction management services.

The first multi-million project was started in 2008 in Urlati, Romania.

The project was a greenfield Manufacturing and warehousing for Beauty care industry which was delivered successfully in 2010.

The success of this project recommended us for capacity extension projects in Columbia and Western Europe.

Currently, the projects are delivered worldwide within Local, Regional and Global appropriations.

The Zuba Team

Our values

There are 4 principles and values which are helping to deliver the projects with Excellence.

  • Safety – We consider that every accident is avoidable and the physical integrity of a person is the most important and with proper follow up and continuous training this can be guaranteed
  • Health and safety are more than policies at Zuba; they are the foundation of how we work in the field, at our sites, and in our offices
  • Quality – Delivery of a quality product, reduces after closure effort and impact caused by issues. This is manageable with proper commissioning and testing
  • Schedule – Identifying the critical paths and prepare alternatives are the key to finish on time
  • Cost – Value for the investment and focus on changes are mandatory

Key facts:

  • P&G “Nadia” Project in Romania – 120 million euro
  • P&G “Fenix” Project in Columbia – 70 million euro
  • P&G “Orca” Western Europe – 16 million euro
  • P&G DC Capacity Increase – France – 13 million euro